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                                                O M N I S ♛
                                                L A C R I M A

In the world, there was once humans and demons, they were at what felt like an eternal war, still at war today but now it's a little less obvious compared to those olden times full of hatred and blood galore. Humans would appoint hunters to lead them into battle, people specially trained to kill the demons where they stood whilst daemons appointed generals to lead them - acclaimed to be frightening on the battlefield or just in general if you were to ever meet them. There had never been a time when humans and daemons got along.

No one is truly sure why this war occurred and why it still continues to this day, maybe it's because of the complete differences between the two races? That was sure to be it in the eyes of many.

Humans have developed though since the time where they would often lose to the demons, they'd developed to the point they would be able to stand on equal grounds with them as humans had managed to obtain abilities, enhancements that would allow them to beat the demons, or at least be on par with them. The humans would gather those who were the best with their abilities, creating hunters and the ranks among them, the Council would be the ones to appoint the ranks to each individual as they would have those, seen as pretty much grand hunters, whilst there was those of lower ranks, usually beginners, often accompanying higher ranks for learning and such when going out to hunt demons. To the humans, they saw this as a hunt rather than a war, trying to make sure that their city and people would always be protected.

The demons upheld, since years ago, the ranks they had had, the Demon Lords being of the upmost highest rank, the the Generals before there would be lower ranks beneath them - the demons, unlike the humans, saw this as war still, always keeping the same viewpoint.

Encountering each other endlessly, the demons have many different bases outside of the grand city of Aragios, some Daemons attack from the forest of Xolis, and other from the mountains of Zoria. But never have the demons dared to enter the city, always have tried, but never succeeded.

Who will reign triumphant of the two races? Or will a way for the two to bond be an available option?

In order to join in this guild, just put the following in your request;
- Your literacy
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