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Once, long ago, this world was the Earth as we all know it. Children grew up watching the cartoons of the idea known as Pokemon, or pocket monsters. Many grew into an older age, always with the fantasy of, “What if Pokemon were real?” These children became scientists, and scientists began experiments.

It began with a simple Rattata and grew. One by one, genetically altered creatures called Pokemon began to live and breathe without dying, as many subjects had. The concept of a Pokeball, however, had yet to surface. The scientists grew mad with power in their success and moved from common Pokemon, once there was two of each, to the legendary ones. They were all magnificent and grand, just as they had appeared in the children’s cartoons. Then, the danger began. Just as in the cartoons, they had great amounts of power. They began to rampage, not yet able to control their powers. Most of the world burned, along with all of its technology.

Humans managed to survive and learned to live with the Pokemon that had now spread all across the globe. Slowly, the land began to heal and climates were restored. Forests grew thick, lakes ran deep, mountains climbed high, and deserts lay barren. As these regions popped up, the Pokemon naturally gathered there, feeling as though it were meant to be their natural habitat. The legends rule their own sections of the Earth, feeling resentment towards the humans for experimenting on them once they were created. However, it begins to subside with time. Each legendary picks one particular human to be a companion, and teaches them the proper way of life for a Pokemon. In this reborn world, there are still no real towns or anything of the sort. People gather and live together in small villages in the wild, usually living high in the trees, but each group has their preference.

The remaining humans made a new type of technology that was used to “capture” Pokemon. Many went about the old fashioned way and slowly got the creatures used to them until they finally became partners. However, with this technology, it is a little more dangerous. They must attach a piece of equipment to a part of the Pokemon’s body, which doesn’t necessarily put them in the human’s control, but rather, calms their nature to be more patient and understanding with the humans. They can be things such as collars, or they can hook around a tail, a leg, a horn, etc. Because of this difficulty, most people only have one or two Pokemon. If they have more, they are considered to be a very strong person, physically or willfully. Evil, however, exists in every type of world.

There is a group of humans that wishes to capture legends to use them for their own purposes. Perhaps they want to continue experiments or just rule over all. Most of the humans, however, would rather live in harmony with the Pokemon. Thus, they try to team up and fight against these people who would use these great creatures for evil. Which side are you on?