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Noeria Research Facilities
Ɋt last, the perpetual darkness begins to fade, giving light to some form of awareness. You awaken, though you do not remember falling asleep, in a strange and unfamiliar room.

The walls are white, plain, dulled to a dirty grey by time itself, unkempt. At first, all you can do is trace the cracks in the ceiling with your eyes. How did you get here?

Where is

And most do you get out?

Whether you remember who you are or where you came from is irrelevant. All you know is that you don't belong here. There is something unnatural about your drab, empty surroundings, and more than anything, you are filled with the urge to

Oddly, despite the hostile aura that envelops you, no one seems to be too interested in keeping you contained. The heavy bolts on your door are surely there to keep the room's inhabitants from leaving...and yet, the door itself is open.

So now...step through into the endless hallways and winding mazes that make up
The Facility. Will you venture forth alone, trusting no one, avoiding friends and foes alike in hopes that you will attain your goal of freedom? Will you bond with the other occupants of this strange and seemingly endless world who, like you, want only to escape its empty walls? Or will you choose a different path completely, betray your comrades, bargain with strangers, or even decide to stay, try and gain control of The Facility itself, and liberate its unique features for your own, possibly twisted, purposes?

choice is yours...

Joining Requirements
I don't know how many times people overlook this, even though it's in red, attention grabbing font and everything. If you don't follow these, you won't be accepted. Period. Try again in two weeks.

Include a role play sample. It doesn't have to be huge. Quality over quantity. But it shouldn't be just a single sentence either. If it's too long, send it to me via PM.
Make it good. Make us want to accept you. It can be anything, including something from a past role play. Third person, past tense preferred (and required within the guild).
This guild is semi-literate+. Keep that in mind when putting up your sample.
Be active. Keep active after joining. Don't just be accepted, then completely vanish.

There is a tiny join fee. It's probably not enough to matter, but maybe it'll make you think a tiny bit more before just joining and then disappearing on us?

Current Affiliates

Have a guild? Need some publicity? Send us the details, and if it's up to par, we might agree to do an advertising trade with you. Your banner/link goes here, ours goes on your front page (or wherever you list your affiliates). Hope to hear from you!

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