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As an "Under Construction" guild, No Matches Found is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Whoot. Never would have guessed it, right?

So. Here, we stress individuality; every member is unique as we recognize that. (...Except people who have two avatars join in here, they're pretty much the same. xDD )

"NO MATCHES FOUND is a simple RP guild that basically states that we're all different when it comes down to it, so what I’m saying is no one is the same and the way we RP can be a way to show that, and that’s what I’m looking for within this guild." --Living For A Simple Angel ( NMF's Captian)

However! We decided that this guild needed more! Thus, we've imported many other types of threads and such from Brazil, Portuguese, Thailand, Zimbabwe, and yes! some are even made in the U.S.!

But, we're still redesigning and developing for a new and improved guild, so it's a perfect time to post ideas and express yourself!

...Yes, we still have rules:

1. Members must follow Gaia's ToS.
2. No flaming--I don't care how much someone sucks, I don't want to hear it, and I'm sure other members don't want to hear it as well.
3. No stretching the forum pages.
4. Romance, yes.....cybering never; at all or it will be an automatic banning.
5. If I receive any complaints from multiple members about a member of the guild, that member will receive a warning, after that it may become a banning.
6. This guild is a semi-literate guild. Anything below this is not acceptable that means no L33T or txt language .
7. Any God-Modding will result in a ban.
8. Lastly, when it comes to this guild, I'm the ruler of it and I choose the consequences for the violators .
9. I lied, this one's last: Since I practically run the show here, I can add rules at anytime. It's the members' responsibility to know and follow the rules.

~~Living for a Simple Angel