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xxxx Long ago, when the island was young, the Goddess and her fairy children would frolic throughout the beautiful, tranquil island, tending to nature as a farmer to his crops and cattle. It was a peaceful time, when man openly acknowledge magic with respect and humility, receiving food, health, and happiness in return. But, as these stories normally go, the gifts the Goddess and her fairies gave slowly were received with an air of entitlement. The appreciation shown grew less and less, the faithful losing faith as the generations wore on, until it felt to be gone altogether. Whether it was hurt or anger that fueled it, the Goddess left the people to fend for themselves and put herself into a sleep deep within the pond she resided in. The fairies were all that were left to guard the land, but the little magic they had couldn't possibly prevent the great hurricane to follow.

The land was destroyed by the waters and winds, with only a few select locations preserved by the fairies magic and the people's own will, but it wasn't enough to consider it habitual. The people were forced to leave their home simply to survive, leaving to the mainland and cursing the Goddess's name as who else could they blame for the disaster that befell them? The fairies were left alone on the island with a sleeping Goddess and a ruined town...

Until, by luck (it is unknown whether we want to call it bad or good), the Sonata family came across the land and stuck their greedy little fingers into it. Mayor Gaston Sonata spent his time building up the town, drawing in people from all over with temptation of work, cheap rent, and the simple life city folk romanticize. Some of the original villagers returned, but the majority of the population was poor, clueless fools suckered in through the garbage Gaston had his advertisers throw out. The promises were, of course, lies (Who really had enough room to build golden statues of every new resident anyway?), but, once the people figured it out, most didn't have the funds to leave. Besides, living on the island wasn't so bad! All the antics of the eccentric, emotionally stunted mayor were balanced very well by the elderly chairwomen, Gladice LeBlanc.

The only real thing to get out of hand was the Masquerade of years ago. A freak snowstorm, the power being mysteriously cut, and assassins in the form of a woman and rabid puma (Or was it a lion?) lead to the death of several and wounding of more. It was a frightening event in the history of Nirvani Island, but the people of Sonata Town picked themselves right up and moved on. The police force doubled their strictness on the town and, outside of a minor kidnapping incident committed by the mayor's brother himself, there was little else to happen to the town. People grew, fell in love, had children, ran businesses into the ground, and otherwise lived the best life one can have when under the reign of a mad family like the Sonatas.

Within the last decade or two, the sweet old woman passed on and so too did the eccentric mayor. A botched election later and the next three children of the Sonata family took over – Lilia, January, and Ferdinando Sonata. Whether this would be for the better or worse is hard to say, but most would agree that anything would be an improvement from Gaston and definitely much better than what his brother, Reinbech, would do.

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