Paganism: any of a diverse group of belief systems which do not adhere to any of the major monotheistic faiths such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism. It is often easier to say what Pagans are NOT than to say what Pagans ARE. Often, a Pagan can be anyone who so self-identifies.

The origins of the various paths which make up Paganism are many, from the relative surety of Reconstructionism to the obscurity of the eclectic. Some systems of belief appear old, almost ancient, others seemingly arose quite recently. There are many viewpoints, many beliefs. We all come here by our own way and, when done, continue as individuals.

By whatever name you call yourself come walk the walk, learn and share, be at peace for awhile and indulge in some interesting conversation. This is a place to give voice to possibilities.

A few guidelines:
1. Play Nice. Other members have different beliefs and different ways. Some of these differences may be quite profound. Respect all members.
2. What the mods say goes. You don't have to agree with us but you do have to respect us.
3. Give us some idea of what you believe in your request to join - don't be shy - even if it is just a few things that don't seem connected yet or you just know what you DON'T believe.
4. If you don't know the difference between discussion and debate this is not the place for you.
5. As always, we must keep everything PG-13 and adhere to Gaia's TOS.