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The Crew of NUR would like to hereby welcome you to a wonderful experience. Naruto Ultimate Roleplaying (NUR) is the largest and most active Naruto guild on gaia, and we're proud of what we've accomplished so far. This guild can be anything you want it to be. It can be more than just a role-play experience; you can make friends here, and forge close relationships with those friends. We do not discriminate, and we're all very friendly. We accept almost anyone with almost any level of RP experience (or writing experience in general), and we're welcome to the idea of helping you learn the flow of things. If you want, you can fill our application below, which will help us get a better understanding of you as a member. If not, that's okay too. Welcome to the guild!


What interested you the most about joining this guild?
Name one thing that makes the series Naruto special to you


What village are you the most interested in joining?
Do you have any roleplaying experience?
If so, how much?


Do you consider yourself more of a casual RPer, or a hardcore one?
And final question nutella, bacon or oreos?

Once you have joined the guild to get a good idea how the guild works click here to go to the starter forum.

*Disclaimer Knowledge of Naruto is not required but greatly appreciated, the same goes for past roleplaying experience. We welcome you to the guild, make sure to follow the rules and you will enjoy the experience!*