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This guild is an alternate universe, meaning all naruto characters exist in a separate timeline, and are not in this guild. most ninjutsu created by specific characters may or may not exist. We will have a list in the guild. This is the start to villages they have been created and are naming the first kage in every village. so a lot of clans may be scattered throughout the ninja world. Ranks have also been established, Genin will be a bit older ages 14-16 due to how military deems children they also a learn more jutsus in school due to why there are basic chakra knowledge already, chunins can range anywhere from 16-20 and Jonin will be twenty years and older.

The story so far... It has been two years after the villages have been created most villages have been established their kage Kumogakure, Konohagakure and Kirigakure.

What interested you in this guild?
How did you find us?
If recommended, please include His/Her name.
How much do you know about the Naruto world?(Its fine if you are just getting started.)
How long have you been role playing?
How well do you role play?(Role play sample or reference page is fine)
Do you prefer combat or casual role plays?
How active are you?
What is your preferred village?
What village do you plan on joining?
Do you have any specific clans you would like to join?

Thank you for your submission!