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"It is the holiday season in Konoha, a fortnight of celebrating the aliances between the ninja villages that are joint with the Hidden Leaf Village. But during those days of harmony something has been disrupting the peace; randomous horrifying corpses have been abandoned on the outskirts of Konoha, people have been kidnapped and gone missing for days. It has been recognised as a signiture of some sort of cult or mafia, how they have mutilated and attacked the village in such discreat method. Not one of the murderers has been caught, but due to evidence on one of the bodies concludes that it is possible a ninja from the hidden Waterfall Village is involved considering attacks inflicted on the body."
"I will send the message immediatly Hokage." A messenger persisted and he received the scroll from her with uneasy hands, a sweat dripped off at the base of his chin.
"We don't have much time..."
"Yes Hokage!" The messenger left her office in a hurry, his heartbeat racing a tad.

Konoha was under a scare, and the villagers didn't even know it, what potential threat they were under. What kind of cult or.. mafia was giving them random attacks like this? Each body must have been sending them some kind of message, like a puzzle slowly being put together, but the time they would find out is the moment their village could be under seige. But to think about it; if they were only attacking civilians and in deep silence, then they can't be in that greater numbers. Konoha, at the beginning of the season was packed with Ninja around the world that had an alliance with them or some sort of traty or relation. To go into further investigation, if they were able to get in so easily at such a damn restricted time, does that mean it could be an allianced village that's doing this to Konoha? Could it even be a whole nation? Backstabbing Konoha.

As the messenger ran down the streets of Konoha to get to the ANBU, it appeared too quiet... far too quiet. Were people starting to realise what was going on? maybe they had already mapped it all out. He reached an allyway that seemed to be darker the further he ran into. For a split second, he stopped. A shadowed man was before him...
"You oughta gimme' that scroll you have there." His voice was deep, husky and yet..terrifying. Like he was dying for a drink, but he didn't sound weak, but threatening.
The messenger put his hands togetherto form a hand sign, "Replacment Ju-"
A sudden light reflected on a kunai knife as the shadowed man threw it through the messengers fingertips, they dropped to the floor, including the scroll, "Bad move sonny..."
"Eaargghh!" The messenger fell onto his back and glared at his hand in horror, shaking like a trembling leaf, "Wha-"
The man took a step forward and revealed his face only to the messenger, picked up the scroll slowly and placed it in his pocket, "The ANBU... they're coming. You're messenger... Send the Hokage your fingers for me."
The messenger gasped in shock, "I-i-it's you!"
Before he could say anymore, in a second his head was sliced off, and in that moment the man dissapeared leaving behind nothing but the corpse.

No messenge has been able to ask the outside villages for help, none of them. Whether they been guarded by ANBU, defended for themselves or even under protection programmes with Jonin it has never worked out for them. Konoha is in grave danger, something is trapping them in their own home. Someone is about to betray them, or is it even really a relation...

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