This is a lit, semi-lit guild. We are looking for fair, kind, and decent role players that enjoy the battle, win or lose who and DON'T USE OVERPOWERED AND UNBALANCED ABILITIES, as well as people who are creative and make their own characters with unique abilities and traits. After all winning and losing isn't important its the experience of the journey that is in between.

No god modders.

Rules and Application format

You cant have PM's turned off. (its extremely hard to get in contact with people if we need to otherwise.)
Use the best spelling you can, and when role playing please understand not everyone can spell the best.
Don't put others down because of their weaknesses. Then you
take the fun away from them.
And above all, you have to be able to accept defeat. Someone
who only wants to win is no fun to anyone.

Application Format
Simply send an application discussing your experience and knowledge of the ninja world, and preferably a sample of your RP skills.