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200 years have passed since the age of Naruto and his friends. Peace reigned over the shinobi world. The villages were allied together. Prosperity, strength, respect, and unity was the soul force of the land during this time period. Even the appearance of the mysterious Jinchuuriki had subsided for a time. But now this has all now sadly crashed to the ground. The jinchuuriki have started to re-appear again, and with them, so have the Akatsuki. The akatsuki have been causing chaos and leading to mistrust throughout the villages. Soon attacks here and there were being made, each village having to fend for themselves. By doing so, the allied treaties were broken as were the villages. One by one the jinchuuriki were thrown out to the wind, or gone into hiding. It was said they had been captured by the Akatsuki, but that is not the case. Each village secretly holds a Jinchuuriki to use as a weapon later on for the upcoming battle.

After the jinchuuriki went into hiding, the Akatsuki stopped attacking. People started to blame the hosts of the awful demons inside of them. Hostilities and tension rose between the villages and inside of the villages, each separating or isolating themselves. After two years of isolation, the seven swordsmen have now entered the picture. No one knows why they are here, or who they work for. No on has ever seen the leader. They have not affiliated with any village what so ever. There have been rumors here and there about their intentions, but no one knows for sure.

With the coming of the swordsmen, even more tension has been raised. In this world now shattered, what will happen. Each individual shinobi will have to forge their own path through the hectic world they inhabit. Where will you go? What will happen to the shinobi world? Only time can tell. But things are from from over. The Akatsuki are on the move again, the swordsmen are starting to appear more and more. And the Jinchuuriki are getting restless and tired of hiding their true selves. It's up to the shinobi of this world to decide the fate of it.

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Please read the guild rules before joining. By joining you are confirming that you agree to follow them and that we may remove you for any or no reason. This is simply so that we may remove any trolls that show up quickly and without needing to explain.

( Some information and styles permitted by G.C. Shinsua. Shinobi Nations. ™ )