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Arc One

✱ :: Konoha News :: ✱

In Konoha the village are in fear of what is to happen to them the hokage previously got assassinated so it's time for a new hokage. The jonin commander has been rallying up who would be fit to lead their village but he is coming up short on who should be the one to carry on the will of fire for the village. A senju and a uchiha have begun to fight about the right of the village both are at the point of using their strength to the other the nine tails vs an uchiha. The fight goes out of control to the point where the nine tails has been release to a 4th tail. The fight comes to a draw no casualties. The fight comes to a close the senju realizes someone needs to fill the slot of the hokage. The Jonin Commander is declared the next Hokage, but he reads some bearing news about his father, the previously assasinated Hokage. As alliances were being created, the fire Daimyo was adbucted by a group of rogues. Risking her life and vision, Shihou Uchiha went on a solo operation to rescue him, taking down a weapon on the level of the bijuu in the process. Going blind, Shihou departed to find a set of eyes in Orochimaru's old lab. The mission a success, Shihou went back home for transplantation. The operation a success, Shihou is the first Uchiha in ages, to gain Eternal Light.

✵ :: Kirigakure News :: ✵

Two of the Seven Swordsmen have made it their own personal mission to bring each of the other swords back to Kirigakure in order to find proper wielders. A new comer comes into the fray and he's not exactly a Kirigakure ninja but in fact a killer little do the swordsmen know what's going to happen. After chatting up with the stranger, the swordsmen find out some very interesting facts! As the conversation goes on, others seem to join in but soon leave with the idea of a fight may break out. With the arrival of another stranger, the swordsmen seem to have their suspicions on things. Why is the kage suddenly needed? What does it all mean? What's going to happen now? The stranger make his way to the Mzukage office offering a proposal what is his motive?


✦ :: Iwagakure News :: ✦


⚡ :: Kumogakure News :: ⚡

The Hokage and his advisor has made their way to the next destination to make his second alliance. The Hokage stays behind to master the nine tails. He ends up passing the first test with the Raikage is trying to master his own amount of jutsu


❈ :: Sunagakure News :: ❈

A weary traveller has come to seek the Kazekage's attention it seems she is hear on the Hokage's behalf, The treaty has been secured.

♫ :: Otogakure News ::♫

Shindra returns to the village after a year of being missing, the entire village is in a state of praise at his return. Currently the Otokage is taking a break from all of her duties to spend time with her husband after his return. A unexpected visitor comes in to ask for a peace treaty, its the Hokage he want's to make an alliance. The alliance has become to be and the Hokage leaves.

☁ :: Amegakure News :: ☁

A familiar face comes back to her home village the Amekage tries to persaude her to come back. The Amekage had made his preparations to go to secure his own treaty

❀ :: Takigakure News :: ❀

Strangers from another place had come to visit the waterfalls as well as the Amekage had made his way to the village for his own gain. though the strangers have a plan in action as things have been set into motion.

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