It has been 100 years since the 4th shinobi warld war as well as the fall of Tobi and Kabuto. Once all of their minions were defeated peace was established. Due to the events that happened Amegakure and Takigakure were accepted as the prospective 6th and 7th great ninja villages. Akatsuki has not been seen since the last war. There have been speculaions of them coming back but no one knows for sure. Being new great villages, Takigakure is only on its 2nd Takikage, Amegakure is the same with its 2nd Amekage. Sunagakure is on its 7th Kazekage. Iwagakure is on its 5th Tsuchikage. Konohagakure is on its 9th Hokage. Kirigakure is on its 8th Mizukage. And Kumogakure is now on its 6th Raikage.

Hokage: ll Riku Mitarashi ll
Raikage: dragonjutsuist of Fire
Tsuchikage: MsFireStarter17
Takikage: Uber Shoono