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What is life? An illusion…a shadow…a story…for all is a dream and dreams themselves are sure to end; for what remains is a discordant melody.

The story of the Seven Deadly Sins begins thousands of years ago, when the Demon Clan waged war against The Goddess Clan. To combat this threat, the Goddess Clan allied themselves with Human, Giant, and Fairy Clans. Though the war was hard fought and there were many casualties on both ends, the Demon Clan was defeated and sealed away in the Coffin of Eternal Darkness – having been deemed too dangerous to roam Britannia, or the world for that, matter freely.

Despite this effort, The Goddess Clan themselves used up a great deal of their power and ended up having to “seal themselves away and return to their own realm” in the Horn of Cernunnos in order to regain the strength they needed for what could become a another impending war. The remaining clans, namely Human, dominated the majority of the population and lands at this point.

Now, the land of Britannia is dying to the steady loss of mana, the energy source that is needed both for magic and to support life itself. As crops begin to wither and hardships sets in, the people of each kingdom turn their hopes to their Kings who then employees a select person from their Kingdom whom have been known as the Chosen, these people are from many different clans but they all share a single thing in common, and that’s the fact their blood contains a single trace of a member of the Goddess clan, the Goddess known as Martel, who can reverse the ills of the world. The Chosen of each Kingdom must travel around the country awakening the stored mana beneath the earth, which sleeps at ancient shrines known as “Gardens of Sinners”; as legend has it, these shrines host the remains of seven of the world’s strongest warriors that gave their mana to the world in order to protect the land form the Demon Clan. With every seal released, the world slowly regenerates. However these seals are transmitters of the slumbering energy which have no allegiance. The seal that was placed on the Coffin of Eternal Darkness has begun to weaken due to the drained mana allowing the Demons to slowly leak out of the barrier and enter Britannia once again. These Demons are also looking to take these seals over with their own energy in order to restore their country to its former glory and fully break the seal over the Country of Darkness.

While the Kingdoms battle against each other to be the first to reach the seals in order to heal their lands, the Demon Clan has begun to monopolize on the opportunity and has obtain a powerful key that has the ability to locate the seals, although without the blood of a Chosen they are unable to unlock the seal over the gate to enter the ancient shrines. The sphere of power that connects this world to the spirit world and the keys that unlock the power of the world are all at risk towards aiding the rebuilding of the realm of Demons.

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