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This guild is dedicated to the anime and manga One Piece by Oda Eiichiro. The story is about Monkey D. Luffy on his quest to gain nakama (crewmates/friends) and set sail to the Grand Line in search of the treasure known as 'One Piece.'


In this guild you can discuss the manga and anime with other fans, whether it be about the original Japanese version or the atrocities 4kids committed with the dub. Note: If you like the dub or the dub is all you've seen, we won't deny your request to join. :3

There will also be contests held and prizes given for winners.

We would like this guild to stay active, so the top active members will be rewarded. ;]


To join, just click 'request to join.' Please tell us why you would like to join or fill out the optional form below.

They won't determine whether or not you are accepted. We're just curious. :]

Why you like One Piece:
Favourite Character(s):
How many episodes you've seen / Chapters read:
Were they in Japanese or English?

*Note: Now that there is a subforum option, there is a new entry fee in order to buy some subforums. It's only 50 gold, so please bear with it. ^^;