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Welcome To My Master's Pet

This is a guild for Slaves, Masters and Mistresses of all types, races, and orientations. Be you Shy, Dominant or obedient. Vampire, Demon or just Human. Straight, Bisexual or Homosexual. All are welcome here, no matter what you are looking for, Just so long as you play nicely and don't hurt anyone's feelings or make them feel unwelcome.

So enter and find that perfect slave you've always wanted. Or slip your collar on and wait for the master that you will serve obediently (Or not ;D). Either way, welcome to the guild, have fun.
~Your Captain~

Guild Rules

1. No God-Modding, it just ruins it for everyone else.
2. Please try to stay active, if you have to go for a bit, tell people.
3. Try to be Semi-Literate, there is nothing worse than a lazy post, and Strictly no text talk
4. We are accepting of all, which means no bullying people based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. we will tolerate none of it here.
5. Respect all Crew, Vice Captains and above all the Captain.
6. Cybering is allowed, but please, keep it in your houses and don't be too descriptive if you can help it.
7. Please Try to make at least one slave and one Master, otherwise there can be an excess of one and not enough of the other. {This isn't too important, but it will help the guild to keep going}
8. If you know about any of these rules being broken, please inform one of the Crew/Vice Captains/Captain So we can deal with it accordingly.

Application form

1. How did you find us?
2. Are you able to post often?
3. Will you stay active and try to keep the guild running?
4. Please Give a Sample of your Role Playing.
And requests left empty, or not full answered will be rejected.