I'll give anything to get everything back, but there is no rewind button and there is most definately no time machine to go back to your past. What makes me sick is that I want to kill. I want to feel their blood drip at my feet, hear their cries for mercy.
And I feel no regret.

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There once was a Prince who ruled over the land of Thieves.He had been happy. Proud. And admired by many. Until he had realized that he was bored of the treatment he got, bored of everything he had to do, every single day since he was born and attempted to run away to begin a new life of his own. It was then that he ran into a smoke demon named Artie. She promised to make his life fun and made a deal with him; that if he gave her his soul then she'll give him all the happiness in the world. And he had agreed. The monster within him took a hold of his consciousness overnight and it unleashed, killing and destroying all in his way. After he realized what he had done, he was heartbroken and regretful. He was all by himself. He soon opened his eyes and also came to the realization that if he had to suffer that way, so did everyone else. So he attacked another land in which he can rule. Selfish and unmerciful, he destroyed all in sight, and left his people and whatever was left of their family to writhe in the pain he had suffered. No family. No loved ones. All gone in flames.

Soon after, he had taken his own life, and let everyone who he has harmed to rule over themselves. It was a never ending war between everyone.

...What the Prince didn't know was that when he went to bed that night, Artie really had meant all of the world's happiness. The Prince is the reason why everyone is suffering.

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Fifty years had passed, and you are now the survivor's children. An academy was created to help those who were unsure of what path to choose and to assist those who are in dire need to learn how survive and control their abilities.

Then, once everyone was sure the world's wounds were ready to heal, the Prince had been brought back to it by a student named Lawliet. Ever since then the corrupt in the world began to grow, and the world's wounds were reopened. Fend for yourself, and pray to the gods that the Prince won't turn his gaze towards you.

Good or evil? Its your choice whether you worship the Prince or not.
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