The Modmas League of Awesome was started in December of 2009 by the one known as the Modmas Wiseass. In that year he went around giving those who were common nicknames, essentially gathering members for the League. During the event of Modmas many members became 'The Modmas' something and we would keep conversations going and gifted to those who deserved it. That was when the Wiseass decided to start this guild, where we all gathered and discussed the event. Even a little roleplaying went on based on our Modmas personas.

However the guild fell into misuse and the members had drifted away from the guild and their titles. In the year 2011, Crytuf, also known as The Modmas Chaos Lion, took over the guild in hopes of reviving it. Sadly it did not happen. Now, Chaos Lion is working to start things anew and once again gather members for the M.L.A. so Modmas will always be enjoyable.

Inside this guild is where we gather and chat. We talk about the event(s), each other, random things in our lives. There is also a Roleplay section for those who are interested.

In the Future, I would like to have this guild expand and take part more actively in the other holiday events celebrated around Gaia.

So far the Modmass League of Awesome! has these members

AurigaLaShock A.k.a.: The Modmass Knight

Crytuf A.k.a.: The Modmass Chaos Lion

thenintendolord A.k.a.: The Modmas Plumber

Modmass League of Awesome! UNITE!!!