This guild is about having fun and roleplaying with friends.I hope that everbody loves this guild as much as me.I also hope that all of you guys have fun in this guild.There is a couple of rules though
1.Have fun.
2.You can cuss
3.You can drink.
Also we accept anyone in fact its attmatic join but please try to be active because if this guild is inactive again, first of, I will cry because i already had to remake it 2 times, I may shut the guild done completly. I want as many active members as we can get. So thank you for taking the time to read this. There will be rules you have to read on the inside (It's no different just has another thing so i know people read them hehe.)Also the 'school colors' is yellow and orange and the 'mascot' is the fox. So I guess we are the Sunset Foxes hehe

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