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A message from your Student Council President:
Hello everyone! My name is Mitsuko Kichida, the president of the Student Council here at Neko University. Here at NU, we try to give everyone something to do, and by everyone, we mean anyone. The school is very hospitable to all species and beings, not discriminating against cultures or interests. If you are looking for a "different" place to go for your higher education, then be sure to give Neko University a try. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to make new friends, new hobbies, and maybe... even some close companions. I'm looking forward to seeing you around on campus. Once again, welcome to Neko University.
Mitsuko Kichida
-NU Student Council President (and Guild Captain)

Welcome! This is Neko University. A diverse school for humans, neko's, demons, vampires, and just about any other race you can think of. Here, all students can learn, hang out, and room with other students. Be able to make friends, find romance, and team up with all different kinds of students. What does this school have in store for you? Come in and find out!

This is a remake of the original Neko University that was shut down on January 12, 2011.

If you are are a guild or clan leader/staff member and are interested in being an affiliate, click here.

Our guild has been nominated by GGA for Best Roleplaying Guild 2013
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