There are five groups you can join The Wingless, The Jinx, The Illusionists, The Shifters and The Spirits. These beings either work together or against each other for their own personal reasons.

The Wingless are statues that have been possessed by the spirits of the deceased who did not make it to the afterlife. These spirits are angry and they will trap and torture anyone who enters the cemetary.

The Jinx are humans who have been trapped in the cemetary by spirits who need help and their job is to help spirits rest in peace by solving problems that the spirits couldn't solve when they were alive.

The Illusionists are a group of powerful magicians who have been living in the cemetary for personal reasons. Their job is to stop the Wingless from taking lives.

The Shifters are shapeshifters who trick people and destroy them. They seek freedom from a curse that the Wingless cast on them. They are the Wingless servants and they make sure that their plans succeed.

The Spirits are ghosts who are looking for love, revenge, lost family members, or perhaps, even longing for the afterlife.

This is a roleplaying guild and if anyone has any suggestions then just PM me.

follow all these rules
no profanity or abuse of other members.
no pics of offensive things.
Follow all the rules of TOS

This is a guild for 17+ Please be mature and not harass anyone.

Make up characters, be part of the story ,write poetry, talk, and team up with other members. It's to have fun and to express yourselves.
We won't judge you in any way.