Welcome To Our Haven

Welcome to LBT, a place where lesbian/bi/trans/pansexuals can speak freely without fear! We welcomeyou to our guild to find love, friends, or to just talk to others! The only requirement is that you are female-mind or body! We accept both. There is a form, you must it out or at least have all the information in the form covered in your request

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No Guys.
Respect everyone here.
Please be as literate as possible.
Follow the ToS and the guild rules.
No spamming; this includes bumping and emote-only posts.
Take any of your problems up with the mods; we'll try to handle whatever situation as best we can.
Keep anything and everything PG-14 unless otherwise stated.
Enjoy yourselves

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This Is The Form, Fill It Out Or You WILL Be Declined:

Reason for joining(a REAL reason):

Be safe and enjoy!

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Our Forums:

♀ LBT forums ♀

♀ crew only♀

♀ gallery ♀ [where pictures go]

♀ relationship related ♀

♀ The Coffee Shop ♀ [meet new people/chat/just chill]

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Our Lovely Guild Crew:

ShiningStar KiraKira
Hey guys, welcome to LBT haven. The name's Naomi and I like photography and anime/manga the most. I hope you guys find what your looking for here. If not, than I hope you at least find some great friends and I safe place to come to and wind down after a stressful day.

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AgentShiny71289 aka Shiny
Allo! Welcome to my haven! Name's Julia, Jewels or Shiny. I like camping, hiking, backpacking, walking, fishing, reading, & talking to friends. I live off netflix so TV is almost non-existent at my house.

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>> Farzine <<
Hello! My name is Kortni. My friends describe me as weird, awkward, and shy. I love to read, watch movies/anime, sing (badly), and hang out with friends. ^-^