Welcome, welcome! I am the headmaster of this academy, Sukura. I believe that all of you have heard of this academy before. Especially all you people who are considered, "Adept" But in this academy, you are unique, the only one of your kind, rare! Now, let's talk about some history, shall we? In 2042, there was a huge outburst in Time's Square. The people that were included were five humans, two vampires, one shapeshifter, one elf, and one kitsune. This little fight later turned into a war! Of the Demons against us "Adepts." Now, the war still rages on, even in 2052. Ten whole years later, the Demons have been winning for quite some time now. They made best friends into enemies, mothers turn against fathers, and have all of us enslaved! I, of course, survived all of this and created a safe haven for all of us. It's government approved, I assure you. Anyways, we accept everyone, ranging from vampires, to kitsunes, to witches, and many more!
I hope I'll get to meet every single one of you.
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-No Godmodding

-Don't kill someone without the character's owner's permission

-Do not be mean to any guild members outside of our roleplays

-Keep this PG13, so if the time comes, move it to PM, or do a time skip

Have fun!