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Welcome to Lands of Imagination, where your imagination is the limit! Here you can do just about anything you wish, like find a bit of romance or venture into haunted lands to find the fabled Slenderman. It's free to join so why don't you click on that join button, create a character for yourself, and embark in amazing stories.

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When you join there are many important things you should check out to make your stay much more enjoyable! 
First there are the rules, which can be found on the main page. There aren't a lot of rules, just three or four, but they are important so please check them out. There's also the guide to the subforums in the guild. If you don't know where to put a roleplay then check out the guide! Along with that there are also guild contests, a place to post if you're waiting on someone to post, a place to post if you're going to be absent for awhile, and even crew sign-up! All can be found on the guild main page.
Important subforums usually begin with the number 0. These forums are places to post things that's not exactly a roleplay. Like the Chatterbox, which is a place to chat with other roleplayers, or the brainstorming area where you can post ideas. If you don't know what any of these subforums mean then check out the guide!

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To join this guild just click on the join button. Join requests are automatically accepted! There's a simple subforum for those that prefer a smaller roleplaying style so those that don't post a lot are still welcome here, don't worry! Once you have joined please look at the guild's guide.

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If you wish to donate gold or items for future contest prizes or other events please set up a trade with the Lands of Imagination mule!