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Era is a very powerful land, with a very powerful King. there are little cities in this land but the 3 they do have are really popular and adventures.
Breeze city is a small fishing village to the south of the land, here you can find Pirates, fisher men, treasure, and even meramiads. If you don't mind the smell you might like it.
Anime town is a small town east of the capital. The town is very quiet and a lot of people over look it as a old useless town but in this town lies a secret. The black market it located here. (yes it is a real place)
The capital/Underground city is the heart of this land, you can find the King and his family here, The knights protect this city, underneath the capital is the underground city Where you can find the Leader of the Assassin and the Headquarters. also the famous Pet Factory is located here to.
In this land the possibilities are endless. you can swim the high oceans as a pirate, defend the kingdom as a knight, kill thousand to climb the assassin ranks, and even buy a slave or become one your selfs. So come join and see how you will turn out.

~ To be accepted, please send me a rp sample and or link to your sample and I will check it out, you will be declined it you don't