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L from Death Note and Nekozawa from Ouran have banned together to create "L & NEKOZAWA'S BLACK MAGIC FANCLUB"!!!!!!

This is our leader

1. Follow all of the rules that would be in a regular forum (e.i. no cybering)
2. Respect one another... if you want to fight take it to PM's
3. Play nice because you don't know who exactly you are talking to
4. Keep cussing to a minimum
5. Follow the TOS guidelines
6. Follow whatever rules that are in the forum you are posting in if there is any

this is an RP guild especially ^.^ and a place that you can share "magical" experiences, you can share spells, incantations, and potion recipes. You can discuss your favorite anime's, meet new friends, and learn about things that you may have never even thought existed.

Yet sadly L thinks that Nekozawa's black magic skills are not very good... and although L seems like the logic kind of guy, after seeing the death note and the shinigami... he gave up most of his hope that things in the world are what they seem to be... Nekozawa's magic skills may not be too good but he is especially silled in incantations. L's strong point is potions. they created this guild in order to a.) teach each other a thing or two about magic (Nekozawa is happy that he will finally be able to be the "smart one" for once) and b.) learn a thing or two about black magic and transformations...

(we will hopefully be able to create a story that will be able to post sometime soon
just expect that Nekozawa and L know each other without an explanation on how......)

To join just send us a "Why you would like to join" message when you ask to join.

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We are currently at peace with this Guild

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