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Who Knew Black & White Could Be So Colorful?

Welcome to Kuro Shiro!!!
Before joining you must read the rest of this page. After you are accepted please post an introductory immediately, it really helps out the crew! You also must read the rules thoroughly.

This guild is filled with mystery, magic, passion, and hatred. Everyone here has a secret, be it good or bad.
Be a hero, a villain, a runaway, immortal, a dragon, a dog, and literally anything you can come up with! Join a role play nearly completely up to the imagination of the people who join, and the cruel minds of the crew and captains of course.

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Guild Under Construction. Total Re-boot in order

So you want to stay in Kuro Shiro huh?

There was a couple The man was a Shape-shifter, the woman, a sorceress.They met in a great war, and neither of them would back down, die, or lose. So after many days of fighting, they struck an agreement, one to be allies, and became much more. They were practically opposites, one calm, the other short tempered, but despite this, they normally got along. When they got married they needed a place they could be themselves, and not hide their immortality, or magic. Though the two would always be eager for a good fight, their traveling came to an abrupt halt when the sorceress discovered she was with child. She bore twins, Kuro and Shiro. Shiro took after the father and Kuro the mother. Captivated by their children they named the town after them. After realizing that Kuro was pure evil and Shiro pure good they erected the bi-colored two-headed dragon statue in the square, it's orb showing the yin and yang the twins seemed to represent.
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Knowing that they and their children would not be able to escape the outside world any longer, with two children even stronger than them, the mother poured magic into the stone of the statue. The dragon would be the protector of the twins, and so long as it stood Kuro Shiro would remain a place that did not truly exist. Effected by the statue the air around it charged with magic would be a beacon to those in the outside worlds in need of such a haven. So long as the water flowed, the humans who were drawn or born there, would be able to unlock their true potential.

Since those days, the couple has vanished, known only that they bore several children during their time in Kuro Shiro who all left the town themselves.

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Though unlike other guilds, your characters have a choice, follow the main plot and join the chaos, fly under the radar, or create your own plot with a group of friends.

Just as in the Real World, things never seem to go quite to plan, plots can over-lap with each other, and may cause issues. So if you plan on making a HUGE plot for yourself and friends please contact the Crew to get it approved.

Okami Wilde, an odd girl and local of Kuro Shiro never called any place but here her home. Born somewhere outside of the semi-existent plane she spent her life running from her past, and underground, dabbling in crime and mischievous natured activities. Fed up with that life she escaped, arriving here still at a young age. She doesn't know her birth parents, but thanks to locals and the library, she knows one thing about her kin. She is the daughter of one of the founders of the town. With no known siblings, this town belongs to her, and she will protect it.

But after years of leisurely peace things can not last. The twins, Kuro and Shiro, who have spent a good portion of their immortal lives wandering the worlds and dimensions together, have returned home to find that THEIR town, has been taken over by a sister they never knew about, and has become unbelievably boring!

This, is where the people rule. No matter what Kuro, Shiro, and Okami do, the people ultimately control their own fate. Ignore the trio's fighting, join forces for an all-out war, or work under the radar to support a side as a double-agent of sorts?

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When Joining - Required -
How did you find the guild?:
Do you have other RP guild experience?:
Do you own or work as Crew/VC for any guilds?:
Do you have skills the Crew might could utilize?:
Are you illiterate, semi-literate, or Literate?:
Anything you want us to know goes here:
A paragraph of at least 4 lines to show off your RP skills. Must be in past tense third-person and include dialogue.:

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