Before new members are allowed to do ANYTHING in this guild, THEY MUST READ AND PROPERLY FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES!!!! I can NOT stress this any further! Now please enjoy the background for this guild ^-^

This is an rp guild that takes place in present time Japan. The location is a town that is in between being a rural village and a small city, in terms of size. The town is known as Kumori Village, and has within it rice fields and numerous other vegetable fields and fruit orchards to grow their own food. The village will get a shipping of meat from out of town once every 2 weeks or so, depending on the sales and the amount of meat.

Don't think that that's all there is the village has to offer though. There's also a school and a tea house, an apartment building for tourists and the most beautiful lake nearby which is connected to the river that runs through the town. There are also some natural hot springs not far from the village in the forest that are completely public and unowned, but not a whole lot of people know about them or go near them by choice. The town is also not that far off from the beach, it just takes a 30 minute bus ride and you're there! However, students are restricted from the beach on school nights so as to prevent them from missing classes.

Here's a preview of the village (sorry for not being able to find an anime image, but this one will have to do):
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One more thing that should be added is that there's a rumor of a few local families being made up of monsters, but even if they were true, the town is too peaceful for anyone to worry about it. ^-^

I know, I know, but every guild needs them!
#1: Before role-playing, any and all members must first fill out a character profile and have it approved by myself (Son Takahani) via PM. This means that before posting your profile, you must send it to me in a PM and have my approval.

#2: Please be literate when you post, because when we can't understand what it is you're trying to post then it proves for poor communication and makes it seem like you don't even care!

#3: Be respectful to your fellow members! Relationships between characters, whether good or bad, are all fine and dandy, but please treat other members with respect, they don't need to be treated like dirt for no reason. If anyone starts picking on other members, I urge those members to send a PM to me about it and I will check it out. Bullies get 3 strikes before they get banned from the guild forever!

#4: Please try to keep fighting to a minimum. A few character squabbles are fine, but please don't endanger the lives of others.

#5: You may create a character that is a monster, but in order to keep the peace we would like to have more human characters than monster characters by at least a considerable amount.

#6: If and when some characters get into a fight, no posting instant-hits, power-play, or god-modding, it is very annoying and disrespectful and will NOT be tolerated. doing these gives you 1-2 strikes dependent on the severity of the post, and remember; each member has only 3 strikes before they're gone.

#7: Please post within reason, and before planning anything that might cause a drastic turn of events please consult me with the plot and what you plan to have happen and get my approval before carrying it out.

#8: Please be active. In joining the guild, which auto-accepts join requests, you are agreeing to be active and post at a minimum of one to three times every 2 weeks, and give explicit reasons for why you might not post when the time comes to it. Only post reasons for inactivity just before or just after they have happened so you are not terminated from the guild.

#9: Please, when you are posting it would be appreciated if you would uncheck the box that is labelled "Attach Signature" so we don't have to see your sig. Since many people have large sigs, they mostly just get in the way and become an annoyance for those trying to read a thread, so please take others into consideration and keep your sig out of your post.

And just remember; Have fun and try to get along. ^-^