"This school is so strange. True love is something yearned for right? Finding the one we are meant to be be with is supposed to be a life goal right? Yet this school has another way of seeing that..."
~Found on a scrap of paper found in the library

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True love is a treasure... something everyone strives for. People are constantly asking, who is the one meant for me? At this school, we have an answer for that. In a way that can only be explained with a legend... but we don't have the time to explain that at this moment, so we can just talk about the result. The result is this: When two people who are meant to be together kiss, they switch bodies! Sounds fun right? It is, although we do sometimes have teachers switiching with students... now that is fun to explain to parents...

Anyways, our school is a special one. So come through our gates and find what you've been missing all along...

Oh! Before I forget, if you stay stuck in the other's body after sunset, you're stuck that way forever. Sucks right, so make sure to kiss before the sun sets!
-Your Principal Karin Marcel

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*Affiliated with Love's Orchard.*
"To find your soul mate, you must first go through trials and tribulations and find the legendary fruit of Nanoa. And once you do? You must eat it together. You can't split it, you can't break it, you can't take it out of Love's Orchard. ... Together. Mouth to mouth. And you have to eat the whole thing.

Every. Last. Bite. "

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