Kingdom Hearts - Battle of the Hearts

Thank you for taking a look at our roleplaying guild, we sincerely hope that you'll find what you're looking for with us. Currently, there are two sides (look below) that you can choose to be in, or neutral if a spot is open. This is of course an Alternate Universe so Sora, Riku, and Kairi never existed. With that, we don't need to worry about any inconsistencies with newer games. 

So... what does this mean?

One, King Mickey was never a Keyblader. He's obviously a fair swordsman, but lacks that magic unlocking doohickey. Some Keyblades may be treated differently. Some Keyblades can be used by everyone. More uncommon ones choose only one wielder. The origin of Kingdom Hearts, the Xblade, etc may differ. The captain is a stickler for having things make sense even if things get a little out of hand.

So, please enjoy your time with us, and I apologize for the craziness you'll have to suffer with being involved here.

The Organization - The Organization controls the Heartless and Nobodies but there's no bitter resentment between the two. They work together for the common goal of unlocking the power within Kingdom Hearts for their own gain. This is in both to spread the darkness, strengthen their rule, and give hearts to the hordes of Nobodies in their command. 

Superior of the Nobodies- Xarann
King of the Heartless - Moho
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The Keyblade Union - This is the army of Keybladers who joined forces with the Dream Eaters to protect the Realm of Light and Realm of Dreams from any oppressing threat. It's a fairly new alliance, both armies joining together so they can have the other group aid in protecting their respective Realms.

Generals of the Keybladers - Clover, Jay, and Fenrir
Leader of the Dream Eaters - Shin
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Rules: Check our Main Forum first. It's standard fair, just obey the Gaia terms of service, listen to the Crew, and respect one another.

Application to Join.
1. What/who brought you here?
2.A roleplay sample

Please realize that we are not going to deny you. This is just so the mods can get to know you a little bit prior to your joining and to prevent rule breakers from just sneaking back in. >_> Flaming people isn't nice.

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A Pokemon Roleplay, based on Team Snagem