Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Birth of the New Families
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About Guild:
This is a Katekyo Hitman Reborn build that is a large branch off the main story. This is the time when the Vongola family is doing their inheritance Ceremony. While the 10th Vongola family are struggling with their own problems. New mafia families are beginning to pop up and take out the old and replace it with the new, but they still use the foundation that the old mafia days have set for them to take off. Many new and powerful mafia will raise through the ranks and take over the Mafia underground. I only hope that the guild will be a huge advancement of RPers everywhere in gaia and that it will help beginners get a better grip upon the RPing world around them.

Guild Plots & Aces:

1st Ace: The Blazing Beginning!
Time a small time has passed now from when the Vongola and Shimon Mafia families have fought one another. It is a moment of peace for a lots of maifa's. But that peace may just end. There have been strange rumors of a mafia family that seeks to regenerate the dead and create an army of dead. But just whom is this family and where are they located? And how will this affect the mafia world if they get away with it? It is up to you to make enemies or allies with other Mafia families. You must find this individual and stop them or help them which ever one is in your best interest. But one thing is for certain, this destructive event will change the history of Mafia World.

How to Join Guild:
Why You Want to Join?
How Did You Find The Guild?
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Guild Black List:
Empty Let's Keep it That Way...

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Guild Rules:
Obey Gaia ToS
Respect All other Members
Do Not Argue In This Guild
Do Not God-Mod/ Auto Hit
Do Not Power Play/ Double Post
No Sexual, Personal, or Racial Attacks On Other Members
Do Not Insult Others RPing Abilities