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Guild Story________

What is life? An illusion…a shadow…a story…for all is a dream and dreams themselves are sure to end; for what remains is a discordant melody.

Eighty years ago from October 19 to October 30 of the current year, the world was plunged into another world war; World War III (WW3), although lasting briefly (as people claim), the war was mostly between two opposing great powers and alliances of the Kings of Aura. This battle ended with the destruction of the Colorless Clan and the Green Clan; or so what the world was left to believe. Now today, Shizume City, found in what was once known as the city of Tokyo. It is the location all the Clans and their Kings call home. The city’s police force is called Scepter 4, which is also led by the Blue King. With robotic cleaners, convenient means of transportation and other great advancements in technology, the city maintains a high standard of living. Some parts of Shizume City are controlled by their respective gangs, fuming a rivalry between different groups. However, the real problem comes from the fight between the King Clans in Shizume City. It is shown that that world is aware of the existence of the Clan and their Kings, as many have heard the rumors which made them want to join HOMRA. The remnants of war have been left as a memory and the original reason behind the war has been forever lost. As time continued moving forward and technology continued to advance the use of the Clans began to lessen and the number of members started to become smaller and smaller, however the remaining clans in the world which have based themselves in Shizume City are more present than ever before. Behind the expanding city fought in the shadows is a secret war, that only those whom follow one of the remaining Kings are allowed to take part, these battles have been proving to be more dangerous every night, as of late. A new threat has appeared that is threatening to send the world into another world; an organization name GREMLIN but their name is just as mysterious as they appear. One thing is for certain the war between the Kings is more furious than ever.