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The beginning...

For many millenniums, the realms have lived in peace and prosperity. Every realm had worked together in a way to survive. The Sorcery Binders, recently found an unpopulated realm by accident. The Sorcery Binders had no idea what to make of the new realm. Five realms volunteered their kind to colonize the realm. Werewolves were the first do so, and they were given the land closest to the city, Darkness. Darkness is the city within all five species'. It is one of the few peaceful territories that allows all beings. Vampires, Demons, and Angels followed after, and they sent many. The Sorcery Binders, made houses and buildings for every species to live and be at home. Many Sorcery Binders- fairies, witches, warlocks, etc also claimed the realm as a home. How will the different species handle, when the Demons plan to take over Humus? The Demons won't stop until every last gleam of hope and happiness had vanished. The Beings of Humus will fight for their homes and families. Which faction will conquer the other? The Beings or the Demons?

Joining Requirements
2.)Activity online
3.)Favorite color

Becoming Crew Member Requirements
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