Jack's Realms will temporarily be offline during this first off season. Join Jacks Army to hang out with the die hards!

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Welcome one, welcome all, to Jack's Realms.

This guild is an all encompassing Halloween guild.

Call it a Haven, or simply a fun hangout. This guild is primarily a place where all factions of Halloween on Gaia can commiserate and have fun together, regardless of any current conflicts. Be you Zombie or Grombie, Grunny or Vampire, Ghost or Witch, Zurg, Jackite or just an ordinary trick-or-treater you are all welcome.

So kick off your shoes, grab a pumpkin punch and enjoy yourself in the wide reaches of Jack’s Realms.

Crew Positions open.

Current Contests

Memorial Contest: No fixed ending as of yet.

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If your Halloween faction is not represented on this front page. feel free to PM me about it.

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