Welcome to Inuyasha Aiken's guild.

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This guild is an extension to my friends list, so odds are, if you're here, that means I've probably already talked to you elsewhere in Gaia.
This is a private guild for my friends and I to enjoy however we see fit, with whatever random and stupid fun stuff we think of. With respect to the ToS of course.
Obviously by the guild name, there may be one or more fans of the Inuyasha series here, and content may also have much base on the series... but that's up to me and my friends ^.~
We also have things like; Nihongo lessons (and links to more), art, quotes (inspiring or otherwise), role playing (only one thread and not currently active), and other random stuff.


Follow the ToS


and I won't tolerate harassment or abusive language.

Note: I do have a fee for joining the guild. The fee is to keep too many random people from joining.