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Sharing over 5000 years of culture
Some rules and expectations.
1.We have zero tolerance for Sinophobia.

2. No repeat threads. Repeat threads will be deleted.

3. Try to be nice,honest and keep an open mind. [Everyone comes from different backgrounds and up-bringing. Try to empathic and see things from other's perspective.]

4. Please do not make more than 1 post at a time in the same thread unless it is the first few posts [eg event-making].
If you have more than one thing to say, put them all in one post.

5. Try to avoid giving spoilers to movies, series or at least put spoilers in white text color.

6. Do not post threads that will stretch the forums. Via; Horizontally and Vertically.

7. Make sure your posts are understandable.
[We are aware that English isn't everyones first language or their best subject but English is one of the primary language we communicate with in International Chinese Unite.
We would appreciate it if everyone tried their best. =) 3nodding ]

8. Try to stay on topic.
[We're usually laid back on enforcing this rule.]

9. Follow Gaia rules stated in TOS.

10. Try your best to stay active and have fun.
[Mules of current members are allowed to join.]