The legendary Boob-Tuna does not have time to type out a long in depth description of all the inner workings of the guild. I am far to lazy for all that.
We are a small community of no lifers and fish farmers with aspirations of one day catching the perfect bucket without wasting 45 minutes trying to do it. We don't have high expectations for the payout of all our hard work. We just want to hoard enough angelic rods to one day tie them all together and send them into space to form a new star.
Still waiting on the Zaesian clones to come collect the junk from every lake for us. Wait... how the hell is that horse fishing. Oh hell, that horse is fishing better than I am. Still longing for the return of the poo in the underpants. ~Ayo Aloha
Yeah I really don't know where I'm going with th.. " Oh hey look, a distraction!" Sneaks away*