This guild will be a place for all things related to Infantilism. All supporters are welcome, which means anyone with an open mind and an interest is welcome. Flamers will be banned with zero warnings, its not nice to knock it if you never tried it.

For those that do not know what this is and want to say, "OMG!! WTF!"
I have some new terms for you. Moreover, remember these people can be your friends, family, bosses, or teachers. So try to have an open mind.

AB: stands for Adult Baby - an adult baby is some one that enjoys the act of pretending to be a baby, very often enjoys wearing diapers as part of the role-play while they are an adult. This is usually not a sexual fetish for this group of people but certainly can be.

TB: Teen Baby - I am sure that as you guessed a teen baby is an Adult baby who has not yet reached the rip old age of 20 yet and who is into Infantilism. As far as I am concerned, AB's and TB's are the same all together, however, you will hear them referred separately so you should know the difference between the two.

DL: Diaper Lover - name says it all. They are interested in diapers with no or little interest in pretending to be a baby or a young child, but do find comfort in wearing/using diapers. Many times this is a sexual fetish for these people.

ABDL - A term that is often used to describe our entire community. It stands for adult baby/diaper lover. It is often synonymous with the word infantilism.

Babyfurs - these people are really cute! ^_^ They are adult or teen babies that are also furries. They will often role-play as animal cubs of some kind. Cats and foxes seem to be the popular furrie species. Babyfurs are also very welcome here.

Mommies/Daddies (caregiver) - these people are my favorite people because these are warm and wonderful souls that love us little ones. They like to change our diapers, play games with us, and more or less fulfill the role of a real life babies caretaker. They can be big sisters and brothers too, as well as aunts and uncles or any other role you can come up with.

Infantilism - this is what we have been talking about! It is the textbook term that describes what we are and what we do. If you have more interest in this I suggest you do a Google search on understanding infantilism or what is infantilism?

This place was created to help the new infantilist cope with there feelings and find a place in the world. In fact all members are required to help the newbee feel loved and respected. There is no greater offense in this guild then making someone feel unwelcome or strange for there feelings.

This is a place for those that are required medically to wear diapers as well. To those that must wear diapers this can be a place of sanctuary for you. No one here will ever judge you or bring you harm.

If you think any of the aforementioned terms describe you or if you are simply curious about us and want to know more, then you are welcome here. As stated before, the only requirement for membership is a desire to grow in love and harmony with each other.