This is a guild that is based around hypnosis role plays, please feel free to join.

I hope you enjoy your time here, I do have an entrance fee, but it's only of 100G.

This guild is for those that really enjoy using hypnosis for a more intimate setting, with their lovers, etc.

If you wish to have the banner in your signature, simply copy this code:


And paste it into your signature. :3

The rules of this guild are as follows

1. Be courteous; No one likes ignorance, if you don't be nice, then don't join.

2. Post regularly; I don't want to have to kick people, but I will if they don't stay active in posts, etc.

3. Keep it PG-13, it states in the guild ToS that you're not to be foul-mouthed, that means cybering or anything to that effect.

4. No advertising or begging for gold/items/etc.; This is limited to signatures, as signatures are made for advertisements. Any advertising threads, forums or posts will be deleted.

I hope you have a great time here, please enjoy yourself, and have fun exploring the dynamics of hypnosis. ~ Kit Kit Caboodle. <3

The guild is growing, thanks to the underground community of hypnosis that lies around Gaia. I'm hoping that you all will join because this is a swiftly growing place where hypnosis can be appreciated on a kink-based level. So once again, please enjoy your stay here if you decide to join, and stay as active as you can.