Welcome to Horizon Academy.

Establishments like H.A. have been growing in number in the last few hundred years to accommodate a sudden boom in those with special powers and ability's. This school, Horizon Academy is located in Northern Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Over many years there have been many hero's and enough villein to match, over time the number of hero's and villain's have grown with each generation and now there is a substantial amount of them, enough to attend several schools over the world.

This is perhaps the oldest known establishment of its kind and offers the best in its type of education, if not a little controversial. It is for this reason that this place is a target to many unknown forces or both good and evil, both having detrimental affects while they try to penetrate the walls of Horizon Academy. Some to try and hinder the students and endanger them, others to convert students to their side... mainly other schools and organisations. While some just want to watch the world burn.

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In this school we strive to make your newly acquired or already existing powers stronger, more reliable, quicker and better in every way. Although the decision on how to use them will always remain with the student.

In Horizon Academy you will learn to master your ability's. You will most likely forge friendships that will outlast the test of time. You may also make your worst enemy's. Regardless you will live here until the time of your graduation, So the people in the same house as you will be your family and friends during your time on campus, treat them well and they will return the favor.

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Join this academy and be taught by the best, make friends, choices, both good and bad. Learn from not only the tutors but the people around you.

There are many different kinds people here, not everyone of the savory manor, some take on a darker role. For where there is light, there is darkness and where there is good there will always be evil. Although with my experience, These notions of good and evil differ from person to person, culture to culture.

"Having power, and knowing how to use that power to better yourself are two different things. You must understand how to use your gifts, lest they use you."

So what path you will go down, the light of 'good' or the darkness of 'evil'. Will you be the outcasts? above the notions of good and evil. Maybe you are a teacher, already a master of your powers, Passing on your knowledge to the faces of the new age. Maybe your just lost, looking for somewhere to call home.

Please read all guild rules.
When you make your application could you also send in a short role play sample, if you do not send in a role play sample you may be turned away.
However you can also PM said roleplay samples to any VC and the guild Captain to gain an Invitation to the Horizon Academy.
Just put the title as 'Horizon Academy Application'.
Or something like that. xD