This Guild closed August 14, 2017.

Hidden Villages is now a guild that is based on a custom, non-canon version of the Naruto Universe. Nothing of what previously happened in the series will happen in this guild. Even the roles of Kage are different from the series. No longer will anyone, other than the Captain, be in charge of the way guild systems run and there will be no favoritism towards any person or persons in the guild, no matter what. There will be no room for those who wish to bring toxicity and malice into the roleplay, either. This guild is one where a person creates a fictional character with their own unique personality and lives within the Naruto World.

The goal of a guild is to bring likeminded people together in order to have fun. If you cannot do that, even if you don't agree with something, then we are letting you know now that we will no longer deal with those situations. You will be removed swiftly and before you can hurt another member.

To join this guild, please submit an application. The application needs only one thing to tell us you agree to the below statements.

"I agree that I will cause no issues between myself and other members. I will follow Gaia Online's Term and Service Agreement and be respectful to everyone around me. If I cause any trouble for other people in this guild, to be removed without question. I will not add, remove, or copy from this guild without permission from the current Guild Captain. I will keep my opinions about another member's lifestyle out of a chat area. I will keep the environment PG-13 and respect others doing so."

Congratulations for making it this far, and thank you! I'm grateful to have you here!