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The Story
The country of Terra was once a peaceful, protected place. There were guilds spread across the land. The Ninth Guild was named the greatest out of Thirteen. Their rank stood high, and their forces strong. Soon the peace was kept and members of The Ninth Guild retained their honor with pride. Though one day a bombing on a political government building was made. Terra's council was practically slaughtered in the process. The terrorists claimed their purpose for doing such an action was to stop the heroism going on throughout the country. That vigilantes with fancy titles didn't deserve a place. Being mistaken as the cause of this attack the remaining members of the council ordered for the disbandment of The Hero Guilds. Government-ran from the beginning the guilds were shocked upon the news scattered about the country, responsible for saving lives, but being blamed for the blood spilled. The heroes were outlawed, hunted down then either tortured or killed immediately. They struck at The Ninth Guild first, attacking their home, The Dawnlight District. Many lives were lost, civilians, perhaps even heroes themselves. Their buildings, stores, homes, burned to the ground. The rest of the guilds in Terra quickly followed. The age of heroes growing dim, as most went into retirement, or hiding incognito.

Until recently the heroes have continued to live their lives in secrecy. Most joining mercenaries while others simply made their lives at peace. Living the normal life in seclusion, but chaos begins to stir. A year has passed since the disbandment of the guilds and Terra has become the victim of an outbreak in murder, thievery, and victim of multiple beast attacks the average merc cannot handle. After much decision the government saw the flaws erupting in their decision and contacted past heroes. Begging for the help they require. One through Thirteen all began to assemble in a new guild. Held at the renewed Dawnlight District, now known as Sanctuary. To prevent public shock the guild now resides in a underground base. More members return while others begin their life as heroes as well.


When sending a request please include a sample of your rping skills, this can be a link to posts you've made in other guilds or forum rps or write a somewhat lengthy sample.

Once you have been accepted, fill out a character sheet and post a topic in the subform called "Hero List". Once you've done that feel free to sign up for tasks in the subforum "Task Board" or visit places in Sanctuary.

● R U L E S ●

• Follow TOS •
• Respect Everyone •
• More than one character can be used •
• No God Moding •
• Be Active •
• Write up to one paragraph per post •
• Use Correct Grammar and Spelling •
• Follow Roleplay Rules Located in OOC Main Board •

A special thanks must go to x Second Setback x for being an inspirational captain and creative mind. She is the rightful owner to some formats used within the guild and true owner of The Ninth Guild. Without her this guild would never had been created.