I have created this guild because indeed, I truly do care about people, whether if they are complete strangers or not. Everyone should be able to live a happy, fair, life, not a sad-depressing one. I just want you to know, for no matter who you are, if you need advice/help/etc. I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU!( So... feel free too join this guild freely, for help! Don't be afraid to ask anyone on here anything. I will do my best to get rid of all trolls/hateful people off this guild! This guild was meant for people who truly need any kind of help in any situation, not for people to come and harass people! (Although I may not be a counselor, I will try my best to help solve out your problems) 3

Here are some rules you shall be aware of
1. Absolutely NO hate, trash talking, picking on, insulting, having negative responses to people searching for advice AT ALL, once again this was made for positive reasons, to help people out.

2. Do NOT spam anyone on here, do not mess with people, and do not post inappropriate pictures on here. That is NOT needed in a Guild like this.

3. No reporting anyone UNLESS you have a good reason, such if someone was being hateful to one another!

4. Absolutely NO scamming people, attempting to hack, nothing!

5. No faking to other people (Ex; having a fake relationship with them) Things like that can truly hurt someone... (

6. Enjoy! ) If you don't necessarily like this Guild after joining, feel free to quit this guild! I will not be offended if anyone leaves this Guild, some things just don't match up with other people's taste. Aha.

Well, Goodbye, I wish you a happy day.(
-P.S. Don't think you don't deserve to be here, you truly do!

(If you notice any typo's in this description of the guild. Please, please P.M what the typo is and I will try to fix it A.S.A.P!)