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The Golden age was over and a new age was dawning; The Age of Man. The ancient races, along with their magics, were slowly fading away. Meanwhile, a whole new generation of creatures with steam technology stepped up to take their place. Just as the last remnants of the old magics seemed to fade from the world, a meteor shower changed everything forever. Meteors pelted the earth, bringing destruction and death wherever they touched...but the rocks didn't only bring bad news. Within the meteors there were crystalline shards...warm to the touch, and glowing with a dull, eerie light. It was these shards that brought magic back to the world.

It wasn’t long before their power was harnessed and blended with existing technology, leading ultimately to the ushering in of a new era of magic-infused steampunk. But it was only after the constant use of the crystals that there side effects were noticed. The crystals in a way were sentient. The longer the crystals are used the more sway the crystal had over the user. Not only that, but individual crystals picked their user’s based upon personality.

Now, it’s been many years since the meteor shower that brought the crystals to this world and they have become part of daily life. Some use the crystals as a part of their daily lives, oblivious to the risks involved. Still others, knowing the risks, choose to abstain rather than risk the influence of a crystal. And then there are those who, knowing the risks, cannot resist the power that a crystal provides.

The crystals have also attracted the attention of a rather sinister organization, giving cause for worry among the well-informed. An organization known as the Order is on the hunt for 12 legendary crystals. There are rumors that each of the 12 have the powers to turn you into a god and whoever controls all 12 would become an all-powerful immortal being. Still, no proof has ever been shown regarding the existence of these so called 'Crytals of Power'...but you know the saying: every lie has a hint of truth, and every rumor is founded on reality.

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