PLEASE DO NOT RP HERE TILL I GET THE CHANCE TO REDO THE ENTIRE GUILD! I will be redoing it soon, but until then, please don't post in anything but the OOC Louge thread, or the OOC forum. I'm trying to make it more orangized, work out a leveling system, but till then...please don't RP till I give the go-ahead. Thanks! ~Mirage~

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(a dot hack 2 the MAX Guild presentation)

The story thus far

The Collapse of The World
(…dot-hack 2 The MAX style!!)

After the climactic battle between our heroes versus Dissentient & Massacre, The enigmatic entity known only as the Twilight Mistress, unleashes a data-altering Nano-Computer Virus, that infects EVERYTHING that utilizes the current datacode interface. The World, it's monsters, NPC's, and EVEN the Player’s Avatars themselves.
The resulting infection on players causes a cerebral nano-interface backlash that distorts the conscious mind of real living individuals still under the wire, within The World, thus “mutating” their Avatars in the process.

Based on the same AI code as Dissent, the D-Sentience Nanovirus spreads quickly throughout Theta Server. The AI known as Kairu takes a final stand by destroying himself, causing a brief reaction against the viral attack and a "forced" log-out of all the heroes of our past dot-hack 2 the max storyline.. This log-out awakens formerly comatose players, and prevents them from re-entering the now corrupted game, as the data of The World begins to dissolve.

Shortly thereafter The head of the Development Department of CC Corp. “Project The World” ordered an emergency shutdown of The World, and the system has not been rebooted since. CyberConnect appointed a new development council to immediately begin work on The World 2.0, and the working system interface has been titled the NEW-WORLD. Around The Globe rumors have spread about the “infection” that caused The World’s collapse but CC Corp. has neglected to discuss the matter, and refuse to acknowledge that such an infection has even happened, only to cover it up with an excuse that it was finally time for a change, angering millions of unsatisfied players worldwide.

There has been many discussions on Blogs and V-Logs across the Interweb, that the mysterious happenings that destroyed the precious way of “life” within The World was either from a sinister supernatural force that haunts the game, or from a rogue hacker’s selfish and cruel idea of joke. But the name given for this national incident has been infamously titled; The Dissension Anomaly. Or simply D.A. Critics and believers everywhere still argue this point, and many still believe this to be the work of CC Corp. themselves.

(This concludes our story with ALL original characters from Dot Hack 2 The Max)

…Less than 3 Months later.


"NEW-WORLD" beta is the working title set by CyberConnect Corporation's Project 2.0 Development team. The popular, yet plagued massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) known as The World (1.0) became overwrought with Data-Depletive Virus, that forced a system meltdown, and the original game system was shut down for good.

Project 2.0 has been working around the clock to rebuild The World, as well as create an immensive and unique new NEXT-GEN Global MMORPG program for all ages, finally being released in all known spoken languages, NEW-WORLD alpha was deemed a national success amongst the core development team, and chosen players in six countries around the globe.

Utilizing Altimit’s newest Mine OS, "The World" 2.0 is expected to be the biggest hit of the year, but with all the original core Servers still down for massive repair, NEW-WORLD beta will be temporarily replacing the old system Servers with 3 new ones.

Because of this immensive Server change, Time has been cut in half and NEW-WORLD beta is now fully underway and will be released as a full-immersion virtual environment for multi-select international release worldwide, Millions of players are expected to be invited for this monumental beta release.

More information to come...


This .hack-based text role playing guild is for all those otakus that love the .hack mangas, anime & games! This Guild is a Serious RP group! Please be sure to read the rules, and other stickies, before joining. Any questions, feel free to PM either myself ( Lady Mirage), Araziel, ArtenXevious, or Lord Sabbathiel.

How to Join (A note from from the Captain) Since this is a serious RP group, there seem to many who, though they love the .hack series, don't seem to have a clue how to RP, or aren't serious about staying active in this group. Please, if you wish to learn how to better your RP skills, we'd be more than willing to work with you, but if you're only going to make a token effort, then I must ask is it worth even joining? I mean, out of 106 members at this time, we only have 6 that are actually serious and RP alot at the moment. So, in order to make sure we get more serious members in our RP, I must ask that when you send in a request to join, please copy and fill out this form

Why You wish to Join this Group
Will you be active?
An Example of RP, and please keep it .hack related.

The captains and mods reserve the right to decline requests of those that do not do the above, or after careful deliberation, we feel will not be serious enough to remain active in this group.

Lady Mirage
Lord Sabbathiel (Vice Captain)
Araziel (Vice Captain)
ArtenXevious (Vice Captain)

Active Moderators
Hana Hoshiko


Please Note All mods reserve the right to modify any and all posts for grammar and spelling, and in special cases only, content, in order to make the RP easier to follow, and also to make it appropriate for everyone, young and old alike. Don't worry we don't make drastic changes and are actually pretty easy going about whats posted....But we're still serious nonetheless.