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There's this little theory called Entropy. Simple to understand, what's it mean? Well, since I don't think you're exactly a poet, I'll lay it out flat: Chaos rules the universe. Anything built up, will eventually come crashing down, easy as that.
Now, I bet you goody two shoes out there all think that the word chaos is some horrid thing that should never exist ever, and "my mighty shining light will vanquish all evil!" Or whatever the hell you kids are shouting these days. Just let me set this straight now, you're not out on some quest to save the world.
You're a simple person, living in the chaotic world of Sanctum, and it's anything but one.

What makes our world so special? Well, where else can you run around, shooting people dressed up in pirate ninja outfits and actually get legally paid for it? Yeah, we'll just leave you to think about that for a while. And by the way, don't say Grand Theft Auto, cause that's anything but legal.

And if that's not enough for you, what other place do demons and angels co-exist without mauling the crap out of each other? A messed up one, indeed.

You see, here in Sanctum, legends are reality, and reality is warped. But while there's a lot of fun to be had there, there's one thing that's more important than all that: Gettin' paid.
So, take some words from a few members of our amazing all star cast.

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"It's not so much what the job is, Or if anyone knows you did it, it's just that you do it the way you want to.
"Hey, kiddo, Name's Duri. You might know me from all sorts of places! The book I have out on amazon, the fact that I share the name as the captain's username. (It's real confusing sometimes...) Or just by the fact that I saved the @#$#ing world. Oh, what? You don't know about that? Well, I get that all the time... And trust me, it's true... But, you know what? It's not about stardom, I'm a mercenary because I want to be, travel the world, meet all sorts of different people, help some out, condemn others. I do what I want to do, and as for you? I've got one simple saying that I'd want you to take to heart.
"Don't let anyone show you how to live."

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"History is history. Why should we stare at it?"
"Hi there! I'm Duckie Bouquet, and I represent the solo mercenary population. It's a tiny population, but you know, some people really do need to work solo sometimes. Actually, I enjoy working with other mercenaries from groups and long walks on the beach. I just love the feeling that I have other options, but I hate when people cheat in a relationship! When someone's in a relationship, they only have two options: loving their lover or breaking up. Also, if you have a trouble with finding a significant other, just hit me up! You could think of me as a female cupid with a gun."
"Mercenaries can have a love life in their bloody, dangerous lives as a legal murderer."


"Never be a prisoner of anyone or anything..."
"My name is Mavis Locket; I am the leader of Indigo Society and a mercenary. I understand that a mercenary is a paid warrior, who is supposed to fight whoever pays well, yet I know that a mercenary is less and more than that. A merc can be said to be just a regular worker like a mailman, and when working conditions are dangerous, sometimes they have no choice to do anything about it and have to work through it. But, a mercenary is also someone who impacts the world in one way or another. When someone first chooses to be a mercenary, they make the most important choice of how they will impact the life around them. Now, how are you going to change the world? Positively or negatively? After all, you are the one that can change what happens around you."
"Much improvement is always needed.."

Tess Zelia --

User Image"You should always try and find the way that works for you, no matter what!"

Ehm...hello! My name's Tess, and I'm from the Errant Valkyries. It's a really fun guild, and I've met some really good people and friends since joining, and -- oh, wait...I shouldn't advertise my guild, right? I'm supposed to promote mercing! All right! First of all, for those who don't know...Mercing is, well...going on missions for people, and getting paid for it. All the missions are different, so I can't really explain much, but...By different, I mean really, really different.

There's just so much you can do when you're mercing! From assassination to search-and-destroy to hiking through the mountains, there's something for everyone. The best part? You can have fun, make friends, learn stuff you never knew about yourself...and you get money for it. What better job could there be? From mercing, I've grown stronger, both physically and mentally. I've grown in friends, too, and I've learnt there's a lot more to being a mercenary than coating yourself in money and getting a bit of dirty cash for it.

"It doesn't matter how bad a situation looks, 'cause there's always a way 'round it. There's always the other path to take, you just have to find it."

Rachel Tomson

"I will serve my purpose, I was raised this way, my sole purpose affects my decisions not my morals."

Once a maid always a maid. I grew up under this values, and was taught nothing more than "be silent,all you can do is listen and obey, that is all." When I was hired by Mr.Haru, I gained my skills,my fighting skills. I learn that following your orders can be hard, almost troubling, but if you put your mind blank and obey, your options become clear. My current mistresses are kind, and they limit their orders...but deep down I know I must keep them safe,and I will do this until my last breath.

"My life consists of following orders, it isn't until now that the Haru Sisters are, the ones my duty is to, that I have begun to formulate my own thoughts."

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Felix Caisse --

"Mercing is all about jumping into conclusions you can't say, the risks you can't calculate..."

Hey. I'm Felix, a Libra and mercenary of Indigo Society. It seems like an unpleasant job, I mean, the definition of a mercenary is someone who is 'primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics' -- that's their job. And, it's my job, too. If you really think about it, though, it's not entirely bad. Besides, even though it's sometimes got some dirty work's surprisingly legal.

I'm new to Armarus, but I can tell you that from what I've seen, it's worth it. You really do learn something new's interesting...Join a guild, find a mission, clear it and get paid. That's the surface, but underneath you'll find that along the way you make new people and dig up the answers, and every now and then another question. All while getting paid, too.

"...On the flip side, mercing is all about a mission to clear a set goal, and finding the answers to the question. Finding your own conclusion, not the one that's based on some formula."

"Little Red Riding Hood
With her basket full of sweets,
Took a stroll through the wood,
And a giant wolfe did meet."

As much as I like candies, I prefer drinking. And sparring....well...on-purpose-might-as-well-because-it's-really-fun fighting. Duri knows all about that~
Oh, if you think I'm little red riding hood, then you're wrong~ Red's for the blood!
Don't cross my path, sweeties, you won't live to see tomorrow.
Just pray Duri or someone is there to save you instead, hm~?
-June Malatesta

"I lost everything. It's time to build something new."

"I am the last of my bloodline, no other Drow carries the name Rose. My family is dead I avenged them by killing thier murderer. But now... I feel that revenge has left me empty, but my mate helps keep me alive and healthy and gives me something else to live for. I'm channeling my energies into punishing the criminal low-lives, and saving people worth saving now. There are those who are after my life, but I'm not going to give in to anyone. Ever. I'm too damn stubborn. I value the friends I've got, they help my through every thing and I'm glad I have them. Huh... maybe I have a family after all. That's exactly what the Gunmetals are, a band of mercenaries sticks together, through thick and thin. The life of a mercenary is dangerous, you're going to need somebody to save your a** one day."

"Payback's a b***h... so am I."

-Aleta Rose.