About Us

We are a guild which gives away gold, and items.These items can range from 100 gold to 100,000 gold!Every month there will be a contest running called "Member of the month",to participate all you need to join and stay active!The prize will be random using the RNG.
Every member, old or new is welcomed to join this guild when filled out the application.


*Follow TOS
*No Flaming/Trolling
*No Mules
*No Spamming
*Maximum Of 3 Quote Trees
*No Page Stretching-If posting a large image please use:
[spoiler]I m a g e[/spoiler]

How To Apply/Application Form

Reason For Joining:
Referenced by:[Enter Username]

*Copy/Paste the form
*Fill in the form
*Send in the application

If you would like to donate,please send a labelled trade to I Electra I,donations using the box can only be used in the guild for announcements etc.Not for prizes etc.