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The setting is still the apocalytpic land known years ago as Japan, and Fenrir's Far East Branch still fights to both protect the Outer Ghetto, and hold up for mankind against the Aragami. Koda Larken leads both the 1st Division and the Far East Branch, and hopes that with the help of his comrades, they can find a way to extinguish Oracle Cells for good one day.

But even so, he understands that the Aragami are starting to regulate themselves, and can see the different species of Aragami forming into a sort of food chain.

However, even after 50 years, and the fall of the Aegis Project, the Aragami still own this planet, and will devour everything in sight until there is nothing left except themselves.

1. You can have up to 3 Gods Eaters for now, but keep ALL of them active.

2. Please don't have any OP weapons please. I mean, you're not fighting each other, but we want everyone's God Arc to seem fair.

3. If you don't mind, please keep the cursing and romance to a small amount. I'm not saying it can't happen, but we don't want any mods slammin' on us ;D

When you join please pm this to the Cap'n
Why you want to join
How active you are
How much you know about Gods Eater Burst(even if you don't know anything it'll be fine, i'm just curious as to how much you know if you do know anything)
A short sample of your RP skills(just a paragraph works for me ^^)