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Welcome to the official Gaia Online Market Exchange;
otherwise known as GO MARKEX.

GO MARKEX is a Marketplace and Exchange information center dedicated to providing the most up to date information on current Marketplace and Exchange trends helping investors both large and small make smarter trading decisions with their items and gold.

GO MARKEX is the only place on Gaia to find the advanced Marketwatch Update, which calculates the Large, Mid, and Small Cap Averages of popular items showing you where Exchange trends are heading, where to buy, and where to sell based on the price of your items.

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In addition, GO MARKEX offers a public trading environment for members to list their items for sale or items they are interested in buying similar to the Gaia Exchange.

However, unlike the Gaia Exchange; GO MARKEX offers a trading environment for serious buyers and sellers so no more bumping your trading threads to gain attention of the market or having to muddle through piles of threads to find an item you may be interested in.

GO MARKEX is a hub of information provided by New York Stock Exchange trained staff, fellow exchangers, and vendors to help keep you informed and keep your gold assets protected from price drops and deflation.

On behalf of LabTech122 and the GO MARKEX staff, I cordially welcome you to the Gaia Online Market Exchange and wish you HAPPY TRADING!

I would like to extend a personal thanks to all the members who have donated to the cause. Without the donated funds, features such as the daily Marketwatch Update announcements would not be possible.

1. Azeizel: 40,000gg heart
2. RinGo RelzEi Jr: 10,000gg
3. lianator: 10,000gg
4. TrueBonanza: 9,853gg
5. pariaah: 1,393gg
6. Derfz: 1,111gg
7. Ureshii Suika: 1gg

Director, Gaia Online Market Exchange