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There is a war between the ghosts and one at a time the good ghosts are asking the living to help them get free. The ghost Hunters are any race and so are the ghosts, but the ghost hunters can only use there equipment and there bibles to help the ghosts. The ghosts have no powers but ghost abilities and nothing more. The tricky part is how will the ghost hunter find out if the ghosts are good or evil. Are you a ghost or ghost hunter and which side do you choose?

1. No Godmodding.
2. No Killing another character without permission.
3. Respect the Mods.
4. Four characters maximum.
5. Your profile must have been approved by a mod before you start role playing.
6. Put a * at the beginning of your profile topic
7. Must be in third person
8. Cybering is NOT allowed. When clothes come off time skip, or take it to PM or IM.
9. Be active at least four out of seven days a week. If not you must have good reason.
10. Be helpful and spread the word of the guild around and tell friends about it so they can join in the fun.
11. Put a ^_^ face in the join request so we know you read it.
12. Most importantly have fun.

To Join:
Read the rules?
Respect the moderators?
Will you be active?
Are you at least semi literate?